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Handmade Men's hopper tie "Blue gothic"
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Men's hopper tie "Blue gothic" - success of this hopper tie is the combination of shape and print. The main accent is geometric ornamentation, white gold-colored jacquard diamonds. Therefore, this accessory will be a special highlight of any outfit. This tie combines luxury and sophistication. So subtle that it can be applied even in everyday life. It goes perfectly with a blue, gray or beige suit. But you'll be surprised how well it blends into an outfit consisting of blue jeans, light blue shirt and a more casual jacket.

Men's hopper tie "Blue gothic" - for self-confident leaders

It is said that blue is the most fascinating color and most often worn by true leaders. Confident, dominant. In fact - looking around we see exactly this dominant color - the sky, the oceans. Everything that occupies a main part in the environment is blue. So if you feel that this is about you. Or maybe you are trying to create the image of a more self-confident man - blue accents are a great choice.
In our mind, we associate this color with stability, reliability. Therefore, clothing or accents of this color are useful when you are going to an important meeting.

Hpper tie material, measurements and care

Each item is packaged in a gorgeous box. So, it can become a great gift for an important person. Maybe for a loved one. Or maybe - to a friend or colleague who received a promotion at work. True, in our assortment you will also find a women's version of this hopper tie. For those times when you want a matching couple image. You can find it here. Packaging also includes an item passport and wearing recommendations.



artificial fibers

H 14cm (5,3 in.)  / W 7,5 cm (3,15 in.)

Dry cleaning / wet cleaning

Hand-made in Lithuania. 
Designed by – Rūta Piekurienė.


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