Pocket squares

A pocket square can be a small but very expressive detail when wearing a suit.  They are usually worn by men but are also great for women. Especially if you’re wearing a men’s style jacket or a full suit. The pocket square is suitable to wear with and without a neck accessory. It is also a perfect additional detail for a groom!

The pocket square can be folded many ways, you can easily find them all online. However, when wearing together with our Hopper tie, we recommend a geometric shape closer to the accessory - bending one corner upwards, thus forming a visible triangle. Also, a smooth bend will always be appropriate, exposing only the narrow edge of the fabric. Although only a little bit of the fabric is visible, it complements the overall stylistic combination in a very charming way.
When purchased separately from a Hopper tie, it is packaged in a gift box. When you choose it together, you will find it in the box with your Hopper tie. If it's difficult to make a decision on the perfect pocket square for you - we are always here to help!