Bow tie "Vilnius 700"
Unique multi-dimensional colour bow tie
Creative bow tie "Vilnius 700"
Multichrome  blue khaki bow tie
National bow tie "Vilnius 700",
Vilnius 700th birthday attribute
Handmade bow tie for Vilnius birthday
Unique Tie for stylish and creative
Chameleon color tie Tie with pocket squaere
Handmade Bow tie "Vilnius 700"
Blue gold Chameleon color tie
Handmade blue gold men's tie
Ruty design


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Bow tie "Vilnius 700" is a work, dedicated to the birthday of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.  Brass badge "Vytis" adorns the original knot of three fabrics.  The "chameleon" colour combination is easily adapted to various clothing colours.  It will suit the shades of blue, green, black, brown and beige clothing
Choose this delicate and elegant tie when you want to look and feel special, like Vilnius on it’s birthday!

Bow tie "Vilnius 700" - a piece of art that shows solidarity, pride and patriotism

This unisex accessory is a modern combination of elements, found on traditional ties and bow ties. It is recommended not to tighten the regulation strip too much: Bow tie/Hopper tie is at its best when leveled up with the collar line. Freestyle fashion lovers should bear in mind that this accessory also looks great with the collar unbuttoned.

Wearing this bow tie will not only make you look unique and stylish. But at the same time, you will express your pride in the capital of Lithuania. Her experience and history.  And it doesn't matter whether you live in Lithuania or are a Lithuanian living abroad. Or maybe you are a foreigner who has connections with Lithuania. Do you just admire this country. This national bow tie will show the best intentions and will create the best look.

This unique product registered as „one of a kind“. Designed in Lithuania and awarded the gold medal for its charm.

Bow tie material, measurements and care

Each item is packaged in a gorgeous box including an item passport and wearing recommendations. This is a wonderful gift for those for whom Vilnius birthday is a wonderful holiday. Which can be celebrated for years.


Type: Pre-Tied

Fabric: viscose, artificial fibers

Dimensions: H 14cm (5,3 in.)  / W 7,5 cm (3,15 in.)

Care: Dry cleaning / wet cleaning

Color:  Chameleon. Please note that colors may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings

Hand-made in Lithuania.
Designed by – Rūta Piekurienė.


Our customer said:

I wanted to thank you for the super service and very beautiful and creative work! The person who received this gift was simply delighted and very happy.

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