Female bow tie "Blue gothic"
Blue Female bow tie "Blue gothic"
luxurious women bow tie
luxurious blue bow tie with gold details for ladies
handmade blue adn gold bow tie
Handmade luxurious women's bow tie
Handmade blue bow tie for ladies
Unique Female bow tie "Blue gothic"
Unique Female bow tie "Blue gothic"
Blue and red handmade bow tie
Handmade bow tie "Blue gothic" for him and her
Unique handmade bow ties


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Female bow tie "Blue Gothic" - geometry reigns here: white gold rhombuses and a traditional decorative triangle. The successful design of a tie is determined by the connection between the shape of the jewelry and the ornament. The raised jacquard fabric resembles the vault ornaments of Gothic architecture - ribs. In our collection, you will also find two models for men, made of this fabric . We also have a red version.
We noticed that the ties "Blue Gothic" and "Red Gothic" combine very nicely into duets. Therefore, we invite couples to give gifts to each other and decorate! This way you will emphasize your friendship and style togetherness.

Female bow tie "Blue Gothic" - a unique accent, suitable even with a dress

Hopper tie for women is designed to be worn not only with shirts but also with clothes with an open neck - dresses, blouses, sweaters. Combine ties with gray, white, blue or beige clothes. These will be special highlights of your outfit.

The most important feature of the accessory for women - is versatility! It, in addition to the usual way, can also be worn as a brooch and as a pendant (by inserting an existing chain, bow, etc. into its upper fold).
The suspension straps are attached to the Hopper tie using carbines. They are of adjustable length.

You can also find a men's version of this tie in our range. Check it here.

Bow tie material, measurements and care

Every bow tie we pack in a gorgeous box. There You will also fing an item passport and wearing recommendations. So, the moment you receive it, you can give it as a gift to your very special woman.


Type: Pre-Tied

Fabric: artificial fibers

Dimensions:  H 16cm (7 in.)  / W 7,5 cm (3 in.)

Care: Dry cleaning / wet cleaning

Hand-made in Lithuania. 
Designed by – Rūta Piekurienė.

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