Women's bow ties

Women's bow ties - unique accessory, while looking ornate on the outside, it also influences internal feelings. "With Hopper tie, I felt exceptional, special, extraordinary ..." - our clients try to express their feelings with such epithets.

Hopper ties for women are an incredibly versatile accessory. It can transform into a tie, a brooch, or a pendant. An attractive feature for creative women is the ability to adapt the way jewelry is worn.  Our mission is to provide you with an exclusive look!  Luxury neck accessory for women created by Ruty Design.

Women's bow ties - a sparkle of uniqueness

We have noticed that these bow ties are mostly chosen by women who like to stand out from the crowd. One small accent is enough to take an ordinary outfit to a higher level.
Ties are usually worn with shirts. But here we propose to break the standards and go beyond the limits. An elegant dress, a sweater with an open neck, or maybe just a jacket on a naked body? In all cases, these bow ties are perfect. And creates an ideal balance between feminine elegance and a strong sense of self-confidence.
For these ties we reccomend cleaning cloth for metal Hopper tie details.
We make no secret of the fact that some of the promotional photos are created using artificial intelligence.