Accessories designer: Rūta Piekurienė
Handmade accessories by „Ruty Design” MB "Meno akcentai"

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Meet a unique accessory - mix of a bow tie and a tie - Hopper tie. It is designed for those who are looking for something new that is exceptionally convenient to wear. Finally, a neck accessory that is beautiful, original, and conveniently tied in one elegant knot! Men often avoid ties for a world-famous reason - they restrain. Because of their special construction, Hopper ties will never be uncomfortable around the neck. This problem is finally solved! Plus, it looks great even when the top button on a shirt is undone. The accessory knot covers the fastening area and its owner always looks put together. This seemingly male accessory was very quickly discovered and adored by women. Hopper ties are unisex. Therefore, you will be able to share the unique pieces with the whole family. Its size is universal. However, some Hopper ties are designed with women specifically in mind. They have more decor, have an array of modifications that allow you to wear the tie in a wide variety of ways: a tie, a pendant, a brooch, and more. I am often asked how I came up with such an accessory. it all comes from my childhood games. I enjoyed experimenting with my dad’s neckties much more than I did with my mom’s necklaces. Oh, and scissors and needles were always nearby. So my experiments began during childhood!

The accessory is packaged in beautiful gift boxes with a product passport, including a brief description and wearing tips. This is a great hand made gift for yourself or a friend! I sincerely hope that you will accept and love the Hopper ties. After all, this new accessory is quite special and should make you feel special too!
Rūta Piekurienė

Hopper tie, Rūta Piekurienė at exposition, Ruty Design