Necklaces and brooches

Artist Marijus Piekuras, Marijus ARTMarijus Piekuras is a well-known Lithuanian painter who usually represents traditional forms of painting. Besides that, the artist is constantly trying new techniques and now presents a collection of miniature paintings on accessories such as brooches and necklaces. Miniatures painted with oil paint are inlaid and combined into a whole using various materials (wood, metal, stones, crystals), thus creating unique accessories.
Marijus ART x Ruty Design collaboration’s result – brooch collection dedicated especially for Hopper ties. The knot area of our Hopper is a great place for decorations such as handmade brooches. It can be removed at any time and worn on a jacket flap. When tired of the look, it can simply be put back on a Hopper. Brooches are suitable for both men and women, reflect a variety of themes, and fit most outfits. One more thing - when you choose our Hopper with Marijus ART brooch, you are not only getting a versatile accessory but also a home interior detail - a miniature artwork, which can spice up every space in your house.