What are Hopper ties – bow ties or neck ties? This accessory is a creative blend of the two. Combining the best features of their predecessors, Hopper ties become a unique piece itself.

How are Hopper ties different from bow ties? In addition to the one of a kind design, a great difference has to do with the wearing comfort. The design of this product is based on hanging, not tightening (like a tie or bow tie). Hence, Hopper ties are extremely comfortable to wear.

When can Hoper ties be worn? Wear this accessory as any other neckpiece: at work, for a special occasion or for leisure. When choosing, it is important to consider the fabric. For example, we would suggest combining the ornate two-layer Hopper tie from a jacquard satin for a more grand occasion, and the cotton single-layer Hopper tie for work or leisure.

    Are Hopper ties for men only? Hopper ties are a unisex accessory. But for women, we create a separate collection. Why? To easily convert the jewelry into a brooch or a pendant (making it 3-4 jewelry pieces in one). Also, there are more abundant decorative elements, brighter fabrics. Thanks to the different design, the women's Hopper ties can be worn not only with a men's style shirt collar but also with regular dresses or blouses.
      Why are regular bow ties cheaper? Although our Hopper ties look only like a vertical bow tie at first glance, this is a false first impression. Its construction is much more complex, more labour-intensive, requiring extreme care and honed skills. It requires much more resources to develop and bring to market than conventional accessories. The authentic design of this product has been registered in the European Community. In Lithuania, it was awarded the Gold Medal.

        What fabrics are used to make Hopper ties? Our accessories are sewn from the highest quality natural or artificial fibre fabrics. The fabric composition of each Hopper tie is always noted.

        There are quite a few different Hopper tie models. How are they different? You can choose from these characteristic RUTY DESIGN models: single-layer, double-layer or large.
        Wondering which model is right for you?
        The single-layer Hopper is our first and most popular model. It will be a perfect companion for your everyday life, and when combined with a more formal outfit, it will be perfect for any holiday as well.
        The double-layer Hopper has a more expressive, more prominent structure, and at the same time is a little more ornate. We recommend choosing it when you want to create a festive image.
        The large Hopper is longer than the others, so it is perfect for emphasizing the vertical lines or for filling the neckline of the jacket/vest.

        How do you tie a Hopper tie? Be calm, this complicated knot requires not tying. This accessory is ready to wear. All you have to do is adjust the length of the collar strap, fasten a comfortable buckle and enjoy all the compliments you will be getting.

        How to properly wear a Hopper tie? The most important thing is not to lower it below the first button of the shirt, and not to raise it too high so as not to touch the chin. The accessory is the best when aligned with the collar line. If necessary, the upper button of the shirt can be undone: the vertical knot of the accessory will cover this detail, and you will feel completely free.

        Can I wear a Hopper tie casually? Hopper ties are very friendly accessories. Its shape allows for very comfortable everyday wear, the top button of a shirt can even be undone and hidden behind the tie. Men appreciate this feature very much!

        What kind of a person wears a Hopper tie? Ruty Design tie can be worn by both men and women.

        Can a woman wear a hopper tie? Yes. It‘s a unisex accessory. We also suggest you take a look at the women's Hopper tie section. They differ slightly in their design and can be worn not only with a men’s style shirt but also with a regular dress or blouse. Women's ties are also easily transformed into brooches or pendants, can be decorated with various badges. For a woman, this possibility of transformations opens up an opportunity to explore their style.

        Can Hopper ties be worn by kids? It is a versatile accessory suitable for boys and girls from about 8 years old. For smaller kids, we custom sew smaller size ties. Very young children usually wear them for christenings, older children and teenagers choose them for school or college.

        Some Hopper ties are decorated with little badges. Can they be taken off/replaced? Our accessories have a horizontal knot area, which is suitable for various additional decor. Badges can always be changed. Sometimes our decor is integrated (sewn on) and does not change during wear. Contact us in advance about their selection, initials and other integrated decor details.

        Who wears Hopper ties most often? We have sold countless Hopper ties to people of all professions. They are appreciated by everyone who needs to look elegant and feel very comfortable. This tie is a favourite as an accent for work. Hopper ties often are matched in a family or a couple. By the way, as our client noticed, Hopper ties are a well-tested conversation starter.

        What kind of tie should a groom wear?
        Hopper ties are especially suitable when you need to distinguish one event participant from another. The groom needs to stand out. Sometimes groomsmen also choose our ties together with the groom to distinguish themselves from the rest of the guests. In the latter case, the groom's tie is sewn more ornate than the groomsmen's (they usually wear the same one).

        Is it normal that the metal Hopper tie decor gets darker over time? What to do in this case? Products of various metals often oxidize. Usually, just a minute of polishing with an impregnated napkin and the metal parts are re-lit again. You will find such a napkin in the package (you can buy the napkin in our store too.) If the cleaning fails, please contact us, we will always help.

        Is it possible to return if it turns out that you want a tie of a different color? Of course, you can return or exchange an unused product with proper packaging within two weeks from the date of receipt. In this case, postage is borne by the buyer. Our goods are subject to all return rules in force in the European Union.

        How long does it take to ship to Europe and America from the time of purchase? During the Covid epidemic, postal services around the world slowed down, with many unforeseen obstacles. In Europe, our parcels travel in a week. To the USA, Australia or Japan 2 weeks. For those in a hurry, we can offer an Express parcel service. In this case, the time to get to Europe is reduced to 2-4 working days, and to the USA, Australia, Canada and elsewhere - 4-20 working days.

        How much does shipping cost? Shipping to Lithuania costs $4,27 or 4 euros, to Europe 8 euros, to countries outside the European Community - $10,67 or euros. Express shipping costs $27-$37 or 25 - 35 euros.