Men's bow ties

Men bow ties is an elegant style bow tie - innovation, that gives an exclusive charm to your image. This embellishment combines a traditional tie with the splendor of a bow tie while retaining its classic nature. You won't need to tie a complicated knot - that's already been thought about by the creator. An easily adjustable clasp is integrated. The Hopper tie is extremely versatile. Size is adjustable, so it can become an accessory for the whole family.
Thanks to the unique design of our ties it is beyond comfortable to wear, compared to regular neck accessories. Our Hopper ties hang loosely under the collar of a shirt and create no discomfort.  The upper part of the body of the Hopper tie should not be hidden under the collar. 

Men bow ties - highest point of style and comfort

What's more, convenience enthusiasts will be able to wear the tie with the first button of their shirt undone. It will remain a little secret as the vertical Hopper knot covers the exposed area.

Hopper ties combine the feeling of utter comfort and the look of true elegance. We're giving the bow tie a new look. 
All bow ties are handmade, sewn from the highest quality fabrics. Therefore, it looks extremely luxurious and elevates every clothing line to the level of exclusivity and elegance. Even worn everyday, at work, they add a subtle spice of elegance and sophistication. It is a wonderful gift for a loved one or even for yourself.