Tips to help you get to know your new piece of jewellery, feel comfortable, and take full advantage of it:
  • Each time you wear the accessory, we recommend that you shake the tie pleats with your fingers. If the pleats flatten in a box (or wearing a coat), feel free to adjust and our Hopper ties will look like beautiful textile sculptures again. Prominent shapes are the trump cards of this accessory! 
  • Do not tighten the neck strap or lift the accessory too high: it must not be in constant contact with the neck. The most suitable placement is when the accessory is aligned with the collar line. This will make it far more comfortable and the Hopper will stay looking new for longer.
  • Thanks to the unique design of our ties it is beyond comfortable to wear, compared to regular neck accessories. Our Hopper ties hang loosely under the collar of a shirt and create no discomfort.  The upper part of the body of the Hopper tie should not be hidden under the collar. 
  • When wearing our Hopper tie you can leave the collar slightly unbuttoned! Enjoy showing off your style without compromising comfort. The vertical accessory knot will cover the open area. You will feel unrestrained and look elegant. Neither a tie nor a bow tie allows for this feature! What's more, convenience enthusiasts will be able to wear the tie with the first button of their shirt undone. It will remain a little secret as the vertical Hopper knot covers the exposed area.
  • We do recommend that you pair a fantasy pocket square with the Hopper tie. The fabric or print of the pocket square does not necessarily have to be identical with the fabric of the accessory, but should complement each other harmoniously. If you want help choosing a fantasy pocket square, we will be happy to consult.
  • Ruty Design creates neck accessories for both women and men, but the pieces are usually unisex. When choosing ties for a couple, it is always nice to emphasize the common elements of style, so we recommend paired Hopper ties. Or match a Hopper tie to a Fantasy pocket square. One set can dress two!
  • When giving a Hopper tie to a lady, do not forget to choose a similar Fantasy pocket square for her other half. The duo will look adorable!
  • Hopper ties can always be additionally decorated with various badges and pins. The accessory will look different every time.

When you take the Hopper tie out of the box, you find it slightly squashed. So feel free to put your finger in the top or bottom fold and expand it. The jewellery will become prominent, expressive and you will look simply stunning!

Video explanation: how to make the Hopper tie look even more impressive