At the end of the year, we thought, what kind of year was 2023 for us?

We have done a lot! This year we are happy and proud because:
🇱🇹 A very successful national grasshopper for the Capital's birthday - "Vilnius 700".
👫 A real novelty were the grasshoppers for children, inspired by your wishes.
🎏 The most original shape was origami grasshoppers inspired by the Japanese art of folding.
🤵‍♂️ For those who have tried it all, we have introduced a new men's design - the winged grasshopper. It has become a symbol of a strong and bright personality.
💃 Women love grasshoppers even more! So we expanded the range specifically for them. The grasshopper theme will be the hottest in 2024!
Thank you to grasshopper fans, whether you've met once or keep coming back. Let's live, create and decorate in 2024! 

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