Holidays are coming. Look for Hopper ties special pair called "Accord"

Hopper bow ties

Holidays are coming. However may we celebrate - in real life or virtually, parcels with gifts will still travel safely. RUTY artel’s priorities have always been accessories for couples and whole families. Our Hopper ties are perhaps most beautiful when adorned by close people with stylishly matched accessories! In our shop you will find an album where we will put together all the duo accessories. We will pack them in a special gift box. If you do not find the desired combination, write to us and we will create meaningful ones just for YOU! And now we present to you our jewellery sets.
Hopper ties "Accord" are created by choosing the new RUTY model - “Big” with two contrasting front wings. The “Big” Hopper is longer than other RUTY accessories, this model is perfect for filling the waist/jacket/neckline area.
The set of both accessories uses a three-colour combination - black, white, and red. Colours are connected by a dynamic game of lines in different directions. Hopper "Accord", sewn from a combination of five different fabrics and embellished with decorative stitches of contrasting thread. Both Hopper ties are decorated with a characteristic Hopper "beak" pointing in different directions and white rivets - a little hint of military-style. Women's Hopper tie, like all RUTY design accessories for women, is incredibly versatile. It can be worn as a tie with a double-sided base or a brooch. When the bow is inserted into the natural fold of the product, it becomes a pendant. Besides, it is possible to choose different hanging strips (red velvet or black lace, decorated with stitches). For this accessory, we also complete a decorative tie ribbon with metal triangles. So, 6 choices in one!

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