HOPPER - a meaningful accessory for the groom

A new handmade accessory created in Lithuania is becoming a real discovery for fashion connoisseurs. The new Hopper, while maintaining a classic nature, turns into a serious competitor to its predecessors - a tie or a bow tie.

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Why choose a Hopper? What are its advantages?

  Its main advantage is the original construction. As the usual neck accessories increasingly remain forgotten in closets, the Hopper surprises and fascinates with its intricate ornate knot. It does not require to be tied.  The unit is constructed solid and ready to wear. Another very attractive feature is the comfort of wearing it. Thanks to the special design, the accessory does not tighten around the neck at all! What's more, for a more relaxed style the Hopper can be worn with the first button of the shirt undone. This will remain a little secret as the Hopper covers the exposed area. Finally, two important aspects are combined: looking elegant and formal whilst feeling completely free!

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Familiarize yourself with the essential elements of the accessory


  RUTY design mission

 Our mission is to provide you with an exclusive look! The unique accessory, while looking ornate on the outside, it also influences the internal feelings. "With Hopper, I felt exceptional, special, extraordinary ..." - our clients try to express their feelings with such epithets. In any celebration where there is a lot of excitement and responsibility, the comfort and confidence in one’s image are very important.

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How to choose the perfect Hopper tie?

 RUTY Design offers an impressively large 160 piece Hopper tie collection. May seem like you can get lost in it. And this is understandable. The abundance of colours and patterns is hard to choose without some help. Therefore, we always provide consultations virtually or we are waiting for those who come to the RUTY Design studio in Vilnius. We only warn you to go in search of the Hopper in the very last stage of wardrobe formation, when you have a suit, shirt, shoes and belt. The accessory then "binds" all these components into a whole and complete look. Hopper tie becomes the final and most important accent of a young man's clothing ensemble. It's like the "crown" of his festive style. It can always be ornated with initials or other elements, thus further personalizing the tie, emphasizing its individuality.

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"Homework" before buying a Hopper

We always ask our clients to get acquainted with the virtual Hopper library and to a preliminary collection of wedding Hoppers gallery This is important in forming your initial vision of which accessory model looks most attractive. After all, we match the Hopper not to the suit, but to your vision!

Briefly about the characteristic of RUTY Design models: single-layer, double-layer or large.

The single-layer Hopper tie is our first and most popular model. It will be a perfect companion for your everyday life, and when combined with a formal outfit, it will be perfect for any celebration as well.

The double-layer Hopper has a more expressive, prominent structure, and at the same time is a little more ornate. We recommend choosing it when you want to create a festive look.

The large Hopper tie is longer than the others, hence it is great to fill out a neckline of a vest

 Wondering which model is right for you right now? Contacts us in your preferred way and we will help you choose. If you do not find the right Hopper in our collection, we will create one just for you!

Is the Hopper only for the groom?

Already a favourite in his country of origin, the Hopper travels successfully, ornating young people all over the world. More and more, this accessory is used by other wedding guests: witnesses, cousins, parents of the bride and groom. Recently I had the opportunity to ornate the bride and groom. There have been many weddings, where a large and small Hopper were needed and they had to match. This is most often the case when weddings and baptisms are celebrated together. Hopper can also be used as a pet accessory, who is a no less important wedding guest.


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The accessory was awarded a Gold Medal at the exhibition "Choose a Lithuanian Product".
 The unique design of Hopper is registered in Europe.

 Designer Rūta Piekurienė


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