National bow ties

National bow ties - for National celebrations. Or a daily display of your patriotic feelings, or maybe even longing for your country. This is a wonderful way to show respect and solidarity for the other nation. Especially if you are attending an important meeting in another country. Wearing a bow tie with the colors of that country's flag will show you a good attitude without words. Or, for example, by participating in a fair abroad, you will beautifully represent and present your country and its identity. And finally - you don't need to look for a special occasion to show respect for your nationality.

National bow ties - it is both - sign of patriotism and good style

The bow tie is adjustable length, making it really easy to tie. Its tying and wearing is really comfortable. We always recommend not to tighten it too tightly. This way the bow tie will look the most stylish. And of course, it will be more comfortable for the wearer. Due to the adjustable length, you can safely give it as a gift. Not being afraid, the size will not fit. This is a wonderful and very thoughtful gift.

You can give such a gift to a loved one who is going to live or work abroad. Or to your significant other, if he is from another country. As a little part of your own culture.
If you plan to wear this type of bow tie for the first time, you can find it useful to check How do I wear it?