Hopper tie "Chess Jabot" for ladies
checkered women's tie
checkered jabot for ladies
checkered black and white women's tie
checkered women's tie with red details
Tie "Chess Jabot" for ladies
adjustable checkered women's tie
Handmade checkered jabot
checkered blak white and red jabot for ladies
Handmade Hopper tie "Chess Jabot" for ladies
High quality checkered women's tie
Ruty design


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Hopper tie "Chess Jabot" for ladies. Checkered jabot - a special model of women's Ruty ties, reminiscent of the pleated collar decor of the 18th century. A classic ornament of geometric shapes, framed by matching monochrome accents. The two-sided jabot combines checkered and plain fabric combinations. A game of black and white squares - like a hint of chess, with bright accents of red. Classic, eternally relevant, the combination of these three colors looks new again in the original, wavy forms of jabot. By changing the sides of the base of the triangle accessory, you can increase or decrease the amount of red in your image.

Hopper tie "Chess Jabot" - One tie - and a few wearing options

Like all Ruty design ties for women, the collar can be transformed into a brooch or pendant. Triangular clip-on accessory base - double-sided. So, after purchasing one accessory, you have four decorating options.

Undoubtedly, this jabot will decorate the neckline of any classic, plain shirt. But don't just stop at the shirt. A black, red, white or gray dress will shine in a new way after wearing this tie. Thanks to one accessory, the whole outfit will become luxurious and refined. It will turn even a simple, everyday garment into a gorgeous and exclusive one.

Our client Elle Collie about this tie says "a true differentiator for your wardrobe"

Bow tie material, measurements and care

The suspension straps are attached to the Hopper tie using carbines. They are of adjustable length. In our collection you will also find a model suitable for men. Which you can find here.

Each item is packaged in a gorgeous box including an item passport and wearing recommendations. 

Type: Pre-Tied

Fabric: artificial fibers

Dimensions:  H 16cm (6,3 in.)  / W 9 cm (3,54 in.)

Care: Dry cleaning / wet cleaning

Color: Black, white and red

Hand-made in Lithuania. 

Designed by – Rūta Piekurienė.

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