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Burgundy bow tie "Burgundy diamond" - like the rarest diamond, this accessory sparkles with exquisite luxury and invites you to dress it up. For the most important and exclusive challenges.
Not only will the diamond fit well with classic costumes, but it is also worthy of a tuxedo companion. Such a bow tie is perfect for both the groom and the guest of a solemn wedding. Both for a luxurious dinner and an important day at work.
The burgundy color goes wonderfully with the classic black and white. It also perfectly complements gray, beige, dark blue and dark green colors. Suitable to wear just with a shirt. Or complementing this line with a jacket and/or waistcoat.

Burgundy bow tie "Burgundy diamond" - solid, luxurious and elegant

Such a detail of clothing is very eloquent. Says a lot about its owner attitude towards himself and towards his life. About the one, who are not ready to settle for mediocre achievements. Who always aim for the top. Both in career, hobbies and personal life. And luck follows him. Because he is ready for it.
The meaning of the burgundy color is usually associated with a refined and elegant representative of a high social class. It was very loved by the emperors.

Bow tie material, measurements and care

Each handmade bow tie is packaged in a gorgeous box. That looks like a gift itself. Package includes an item passport and wearing recommendations.
You can also find a female version of this bow tie in the "Ruty design" collection. So, you can create individual outfits with a matching leitmotif with your significant other. You can find the women's bow tie here.


Type: Pre-Tied

Fabric: artificial fibers

Dimensions: H 13cm (5,1 in.)  / W 7,5 cm (3,15 in.)

Care: Dry cleaning / wet cleaning

Hand-made in Lithuania. 
Designed by – Rūta Piekurienė.

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