Differences between male and female Hopper ties

We understand that there may be confusion regarding the differences between our unisex and women's Hopper ties. Allow us to clarify. ❗️

Our Hopper ties were initially inspired by men's fashion, but they have evolved into unisex accessories that have gained popularity among women as well. Unisex Hopper ties have a fixed shape and are typically worn with shirts. This collection exudes a more understated and minimalist aesthetic, yet it never fails to attract a dedicated following among women. 💌

While Hopper ties can be worn by anyone, we wanted to create something specifically tailored for women. This led to the creation of our women's ties. These ties bear a resemblance to our unisex Hopper ties in terms of appearance, but they possess one significant distinction - versatility. Through clever design, these pieces can be worn as both a tie and a brooch or pendant. This accessory grants its owner the freedom to express their creativity in various ways. 🎨

We hope this explanation helps to clarify the differences between our unisex and women's Hopper ties. Regardless of which collection you choose from, we believe that our Hopper ties are accessories that can be enjoyed by everyone! ❤️ #rutytie #womenstie #unisex

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